LightBody Support: Video Discussion

Watch and listen to this interactive group video discussion/teaching as we look at what a "LightBody" is and why it's the most important relationship we will ever have in this lifetime. We discuss how to nurture this relationship and play with the multitude of ways that our LightBody communicates with us, as we open ourselves up to learning how to decipher and decode its messages.  We also explore various ways in which we can each support our LightBody as we honor these intense clearing processes, anchor and integrate more Light, raise our body's vibration, activate and unlock new Light Codes and go through immense upgrades too.

May this conversation assist you in unlocking new keys and codes that bring forth new realizations, awarenesses and information that supports your expansion of Consciousness to see, feel and understand more as you continue to anchor, integrate and embody more Light! 

You'll also have access to two Gifted Light Activations to further support you in raising your vibration and anchoring more Light too. 

  • Activate Your Pineal Gland Through Sungazing
  • We Are Light BEings Audio Activation

Course Curriculum

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    • Welcome

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    LightBody Support: Video Discussion Recording

    • LightBody Support: Video Discussion Recording

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    Gifted Light Activations

    • Activate Your Pineal Gland Through Sungazing

    • We Are Light BEings Activation

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    Bonus Gifts

    • Stay In Touch & Receive Soul Family Heart Letters Sent To Your Inbox With LOVE

    • More Gifts & Resources To Activate & Accelerate Your New Earth Soul Embodiment Journey

Meet Marissa, Your New Earth Soul Embodiment Guide

As a New Earth Soul Embodiment Guide, WayShower and Light Keeper, a part of my Mission and Soul Purpose is to Bridge and bring Heart-Connected Consciousness and Wellness together as ONE.  With a multitude of experience in the Health, Wellness, Fitness, Nutrition and Rehabilitation Industries in addition to working in Expanded Consciousness, I share my own wealth of knowledge, wisdom and expertise to assist all ready to fully open their hearts, expand their own Consciousness and support their LightBody (Soul Body) through the immense Awakening, Embodiment and Ascension processes.  As we transcend limited/fixed Consciousness constructs, we experience an immense inner shift that accelerates our transition from old earth to New. 

As an Award Winning Author, one of my greatest joys was co-creating a Visual Heart Activation book with my Father called Coastal Inspirations: Drawing Beauty & Meaning From The Sea. This book invites everyone to look at the world through a new lens as it guides each on a journey of self-discovery.  Photographs by the sea are coupled with activating quotes to awaken a questioning within, evoke aspirations and inspire action along life's infinite journey.  

I invite you to join me on this journey as we dive deeper inside, embrace and embody our Soul's Pure Light fully and discover and unlock the hidden treasures of New Earth Together...